Anglo American Lodge No 2191
W.Bro Bruce McKenzie-Boyle
Michael Lee
Richard Bradburn
Charity Steward
W.Bro Richard Bradburn
AFLA Representative
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Freemasons Hall, 60 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5AZ
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01344 772255
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Anglo-American Lodge No 2191

A Short History of the Lodge – the 1st 100 Years

1887 – 1987
In the year 1886, there was a desire of many English and American brethren to form a Lodge, “with a view to drawing together the bonds of Masonic union existing between the two countries, and to enable Brethren of the two nationalities and of the Dominion of Canada, to meet together for all Masonic work under the Grand Lodge of England.”

The petition to the Grand Master was signed by 37 brethren and recommended by the Worshipful Master and Wardens of Percy Lodge No 198, November 16th, 1886.

The Warrant of Constitution was granted by command of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, then Grand Master, signed by Earl of Latham, Deputy Grand Master, and Shadwell H Clarke, Grand Secretary, dated December 18th, 1886.

The Consecration took place at the Criterion, Piccadilly, on Tuesday 24th March, 1887. The Consecrating Officers were:
W Bro Shadwell H Clarke, PGD, Grand Secretary as WM
W Bro Thomas Fenn, President, Board of General Purposes as SW
W Bro R Turtle Pigott, PAGDC as JW
W Bro Rev J S Browning, PGC as Chaplain
W Bro H Trueman Wood, AGDC as DC
W Bro Edgar Bowyer, PGSB as IG
The first officers of the Lodge were an interesting group of individuals:
Bro Brackstone Baker, PGD – made a Mason in Canada, member of the Colonial Guard - WM
Bro Adolphus Clark – merchant, formerly of Boston, USA - SW
Bro Frederick Kedge – solicitor - JW
Bro Major George Lambert – Silversmith to the Queen by Special Warrant IPM
Bro George Reynolds – Government Official - Secretary
Bro Thomas Waller – Consul General of USA at London - SD
Bro James Woolley – commercial traveller - JD
Bro George H Reynolds – manager at a brass foundry - IG
Bro John Skinner – merchant of Jermyn Street - Steward
Bro Charles Ralph – merchant - Steward
Bro James Woodward – Gun Maker of St James Street - Steward
Over 200 Brethren were present at the Consecration, including eminent representatives from many States of America, Canada