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The articles of the Association

To promote Freemasonry, Brotherly Love and Harmony amongst different nationalities and cultures, to create a harmonious Association for the members to enjoy the differing working Masonic rituals offered by their respective Countries of origin.

Anglo Foreign Lodges Association History

The Association was formed Circa 1910 by Frederick C Van Duzer PAGDC of America Lodge and other very distinguished Masons, from the Lodges of La France, Pilger and Deutsche Lodges.

In 1903, WBro.Major John.W.Woodall, Grand Treasurer for 1885, it was the custom in those days to elect a Treasurer every year, with 16 other Freemasons met in London to discuss forming a Club with the idea of promoting peace in the world through the Brotherhood of Freemasonry.

They founded the International Masonic Club, with the declared object of uniting more closely the several different foreign speaking Lodges working in London under the English Constitution and to seek to contact Lodges abroad recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England so as an exchange of ideas and visits could be arranged. Read more...